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Do Buyers Really Prefer Virtual Home Tours? Realtors Need To See This!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Do buyers really prefer virtual home tours? Realtors need to see this

Home purchasing, which usually ramps up in the spring, is having to face a new era of home buying and selling. The Coronavirus has caused the industry to step back and consider new innovative ways to continue making deals, while also maintaining the safety of its Clients and Realtors.

With many people continuing Quarantine and Social Distancing, the real estate environment can include canceling open houses, walkthroughs, in-person meetings, and more.

So, what is the solution?

Having protective measures has become more important than ever. One solution lies in having One and Done Mask's disposable, moisture-resistant masks in place for prospective home buyers. One and Done Mask brings offers the perfect solution: A cooler and more breathable mask compared to ordinary products. These strapless masks make a secure fit that gives you the freedom to talk and breathe tirelessly. Using these disposable masks, realtors can show their listings with more comfort and convenience. Order your One And Done Mask today!

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