Do Buyers Really Prefer Virtual Home Tours? Realtors Need To See This!

Do buyers really prefer virtual home tours? Realtors need to see this

Home purchasing, which usually ramps up in the spring, was impacted by a chill triggered by the coronavirus outbreak. Since a lot of selling and purchasing a house includes face-to - face encounters and many people visiting the home, the process has been complicated in many respects by social distancing. Social distancing in the real estate environment may include canceling open houses and walkthroughs, depending on online meetings with real estate brokers, and seeking new ways to conduct reviews and closings, or at least more carefully conducting them.

The fear about the transmission of the disease has made it harder for buyers to see the home in person, even with needed social distancing steps. Sellers who already live at home do not want in-home strangers. Homebuyers do not want to reach an unknown place on the same road. There might be questions from both sides of anyone moving in or going with the infection.

The results of the survey conducted by National Association of REALTORS on 1300 consumers tell the following story.

As the numbers speak themselves, 70% of the buyers still prefer seeing the home in person. As a result of this having all the protective measures becomes more important than ever. The solution lies in having disposable moisture resistant masks in place for visitors. One and Done Mask brings in the perfect solution with masks that realtors are using. These masks are 50% more cooler and breathable than the ordinary surgical masks. These strapless masks make a custom secure fit that give you the freedom to talk and breathe tirelessly. Using these disposable masks, realtors can freely show their listings with more comfort and convenience. Order your One And Done Mask if you haven't already.

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