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A package of 100 Antifog Disposable Strapless One and Done Masks 


  • BREATHABILITY - Our masks are more breathable than traditional masks which, makes them ideal to wear for humid outings.

  • CUSTOM SECURE FIT - Our masks ensure a custom, secure fit around your face with a soft, skin-friendly adhesive. 

  • ANTIFOG - Bye-bye foggy glasses - hello clear views. One and Done Masks’ ability to seal at the bridge of the nose is the reason why your vision is not affected by typical mask fog. 

  • STRAPLESS - Don't like the straps around your ear or hair? Say no more, One and Done Masks are strapless.

  • DISPOSABLE - Reusing the same mask? Yuck. One and Done Masks are conveniently disposable. 

  • MOISTURE RESISTANT - One and Done Masks are moisture resistant, allowing little to no moisture through the surface. Don’t believe us? Check it out. 

  • MADE IN AMERICA - One And Done Masks are proudly Made In America.

One and Done Strapless Mask

  • In order to ensure the safety of all, once masks are sent, they are non-refundable. 

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